My Last Blog

I have really enjoyed blogging lately. It keeps me busy and it is better than going a whole bunch of writing and work.

This unit was the most fun I’ve ever had at school! We learned a lot about our digital footprint and how serious things can be involving it. I wish we could continue to use blogs for all classes, because I think it would be a lot easier to keep track of things, and to just be entertained by.

 Blogging could be used in Phys. Ed, it could be a physical blog. For example you could put your fitness plan for that day/week/month. You could also use it for art blogging, ELA, even make it a math blog! They could honestly be used for any class.

Of coarse I would do this again! Maybe in my spare time I will take blogging into consideration.  I doubt I would though in my spare time because I don’t have much of that anymore with it becoming spring/summer and all the sports. If we got the opportunity to write blogs in other classes then I totally would!

Another thing I liked about this way of learning, is how interactive it is. You can communicate with many people. You can also meet new people, which is awesome!

Online learning is definitely the fun way to learn.

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Photography is really interesting to me. I love taking pictures of my animals (especially my horses). I also love taking pictures of sunsets, sunrises, trees, and frost on trees in the winter. So basically I love taking pictures of nature. I love taking pictures. I would love to become a professional someday or it can just become a hobby for me. I have a camera of my own but I haven’t quite figured out how to work it yet so for now I will just use my i-Phone. Even though it is an i-Phone it still has a very good quality camera. So now you know one of my hobbies I have many more that I will tell you another.


I love all animals but I love dogs the most. I also love horses and cats. all the animals are good pets and they  are good company. so I have 2 dogs and like 15 cats and 3 horses it is very crazy I know but I love them so much and they are great friends and they all make me happy. My dog’s name is Nala and Jake. Nala is the most friendly dog ever, and she will jump on your car because she doesn’t  want you to leave. she wants to play with you so she will jump up on you. Jake will bark at you because he is scared of you, but if you pet Nala. Jake will come to you he thinks nala is his mom but she is not. Jake is king German Shepard  and Nala is just a German Shepard.                 

My First Blog

My name is Alina. I live in Canada. I’m a crazy dog person. I have two dogs named Nana and Jake. I have three horses named Sky, Nikko, and Autumn. I love to ride them they are the best. I like to dance especially when I’m in my pajamas. My best friend love banana pancakes. She is a little hyper and can be crazy.images8CRX3RFGWhen she comes for a sleepover we have dance parties all the time in our pajamas.


I think I’m a hands on learner.